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US/NATO recce assets on the move again..virtually everyday now for over four long weeks....

Airborne from RAF Mildenhall
US Air Force
KC135 57-2605 QID571

French Air Force Open Skies Herc tracking over Poland...
French Air Force
Hercules C130
5152 OSY19T

Tracking over Russia
French Air Force
Hercules C130
5152 OSY19F

Somewhere out there @ 32,000ft...
US Air Force - Combat Sent
RC135U 64-14847 BONA04

Tracking over Scotland
German Navy
P3 Orion 60+06 MANTIS51

Tracking over Ireland heading towards Germany
US Air Force
Open Skies observation plane
OC-135B 61-2670 OSY12T

Descending for Ramstein Air Base #Germany
USAF OC-135B 61-2670 OSY12T
Hidden features that FR24 did not want you to know about.......

New FR24 Android app - how to show BLOCKED & Mil a/c. Deselect gliders, tap on it 26 times rapidly. Turn on to view them... BOOM!

User followed this and suddenly discovered a circling UAV overhead....