We were using our aging 5-year old platform known as the REMOTEC MK6A when the Estonian government decided to provide us with some investment funds. Our MK6A had done exactly what we wanted and even a bit more. Little did we know what (GSA) 90 grand would now get us, and when the F6A arrived, we thought our MK6A was stone-age. Our F6A looks much like this link, but with several advantages. We can now link two CBRN detectors and remain a full 300 feet away via fiber optics or radio.
Still wondering ?
Included in the price, an instructor from TN came over and we took the robot apart, put it back together and operated it until all was clear.

A fantastic USA-made robot. Ask Kim or Royce in service for quotes.


BTW, our dual disrupters are from Royal Arms, CA. Call RJ Brills in Oregon and check out his 12 gauge ammo.

No, this is not a sales pitch, just experience with the robot, its disrupters and the excellent service staff at REMOTEC, and wanted to pass it on.
Regards, Stan