Few days ago, I literally stumbled over this book, published back in October last year (indeed: self-published by the author): The Canberra Experience.

Like all true 'military aviation fanatics' I guess, Steven went to incredible extensions to contact former Canberra-pilots and ground personnel from all around the world - and managed really a unique feat.

Except from offering the 'usual suspects' stories by the British (must be, of course), he's providing stories and photos of US and Australian pilots flying Canberras over Vietnam, of South Africans and Rhodesians flying and fighting all over Angola, Zambia and similar places, of Argentineans flying Canberras during the Falklands War, of Chileans doing similar things along borders to Argentina...and even of Ethiopians during the Ogaden War (yes, he managed 'even' that!).

It's quite a breath-taking read, a well-designed, high-quality print, beautifully illustrated (including plenty of original colour profiles, which are really hard to beat in regards of details of colours and camouflage patterns). Photo- and story-wise, I doubt anything can beat this (and that by a wide margin).

Simply nothing else but a 'must have' - especially for any fan of 'small wars'.