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Thread: Create a U.S. Foreign Legion

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    Default Great points

    We have an ever growing Army of contractors in the SOF community, and during a relatively recent curriculum review for some of our leadership courses we requested classes on contractor management, because as 120mm stated, we really don't how to use them or manage them. I have a guy in civilian clothes in the office with a lot of experience, and I'm always asking him (or them) can you do this? Does it cost more? Can you go TDY? etc. It is frustrating on both sides of the fence.

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    PENTAGON (AP) - A senior Pentagon official says several National Guard brigades are expected to be notified soon that they could be sent to Iraq around the first of next year.

    If the assignment to Iraq is approved by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, it would be the first time full Guard combat brigades are sent back to Iraq for a second tour.

    According to the official, the units would serve as replacement forces in the regular unit rotation for the war. But they would not be connected to the recent build-up for security operations in Baghdad.

    Secretary Gates is expected to sign the notices alerting the Guard troops shortly.

    It's not clear yet which units would be alerted.

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    Default Another perspective

    "The Brits had a similar system, and for the same reasons the French did, which was to protect their colonies. While there are several advantages to having a multi-cultural force composed of U.S. citizens I don't see any advanatages to recruiting non-U.S. citizens to do our bidding."
    Oh, I don't know. The British Army found Ghurka units to be exceptionally reliable long after the Sun set on the empire. The French still maintain their Legion for the same reason. Psychologically speaking, there is and always will be, a role for the employment of "scary" shock troops who are different from the rank and file.

    When a republic chooses to have a professional, rather than a conscripted, military, high quality auxillaries have their place, in the appropriate ratio.

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    Default We Need an American Foreign Legion

    We Need an American Foreign Legion

    Entry Excerpt:

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