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    Here a short presentation of an - apparently - little known book-series run by Helion & Co. from the UK, titled 'Asia@War'.

    Launched over the last two years, this brought out a number of high-quality volumes covering military history of various conflicts in this part of the world since 1945.

    Volume 1 is titled Counterinsurgency in Paradise. Authored by Aaron Morris, it's a unique history of 70+ years of insurgencies in the Philippines. Not only incredibly well-researched, detailed and -written, but also illustrated.

    Volumes 2 and 3 have covered The Easter Offensive in Vietnam of 1972. Authored by Albert Grandolini - who is of Franco-Vietnamese origin and has a unique approach to Vietnamese archives (including those of official media and the military) - it's telling the story in unprecedentedly clear and concise fashion.

    Sadly, the fourth volume from this series - A War within a War, covering Turkey vs PKK war, had to be shelved after the author found himself on the receiving end of very clear threats for his and the safety of his family ('nough said).

    But, the next, fifth volume - by Albert Grandolini again - is currently in production and about to come out late this spring:
    Target Saigon: Volume 1.

    It's going to be the first of (at least) two volumes detailing the final fall of South Vietnam.

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