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Thread: Israel (catch all: not intell or the IDF)

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    Default Israel (catch all: not intell or the IDF)

    Oddly Israel does not have its own thread, even when there are many threads that feature Israel / Israeli / IDF, including two sometimes busy open threads:

    1) Watching the IDF (catch all) with 186 posts and 90k views

    2) Israel & intelligence (merged thread) with 128 posts and 60k views

    Now it does to cover the domestic, political, regional and strategic aspects. Notably what does Israel do about Syria.

    This thread was prompted by a recent, short post by Outlaw 09 which I will copy the text from:
    Ex Mossad head Pardo criticizes Netanyahu: stop using alternative facts & seeking enemies.

    The real time bomb is the Arab/Jewish population.

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    18-year-old US-Israeli citizen allegedly behind most of the Jewish community bomb threats


    He was referred to as a "hacker"....

    "used advanced technologies to mask origin of his calls & comms to synagogues, community buildings & public venues"

    "He didn't use regular phone lines. He used different computer systems so he couldn't be backtracked," Rosenfeld said.
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