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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Moore View Post
    I wouldn't worry about the confusion, don't define it, but describe it. The description will morph over time as its character changes. Army SF did more harm than good when it narrowly "defined" UW along organizational lines (underground, auxiliary, guerrilla force), which is basically nothing more than another weapon system to coerce. Political warfare is complex and many facets, that is just the way it is. If you do define it you'll have to limit your discussion to the narrow definition you applied to it. I know that is the army way, but then again the army is still trying to figure out how to use military force to achieve political objectives (different than political warfare) in the 21st Century.
    Actually a very good thought as it then allows the description to morph as does the environment....

    IMHO I am far more concerned about "how that political warfare looks....feels....thinks....acts" they are the elements that a country being "attacked" will see and need to counter......

    I know I am on a soap box but we are in fact "losing" the "war" and in my daily world it is a "grind it out war" against cyber and information warfare which both drives and supports "political warfare"....

    This confirms a lot of what I have been saying when I say the US is losing...on both fronts...cyber and info warfare...

    The US Takes On the World in NATO’s Cyber War Games in Tallinn… via @WIRED

    In this cyber war game, the Czechs won. The US came in 12th—a step up from last year's dead last.

    Many readers here wonder why I keep repeating over and over..we are in fact losing to the Russian cyber and information war directed straight at the US..the above article answers that question in a very clear and concise way.

    While we might have the greatest movers and shakers in Silicon Valley we have lost our tech edge and advantages in the cyber era long we do not focus on the younger generation and drive their tech learning/training/education opportunities as do a lot of other countries...who clearly recognize that value...
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