Hat tip to WoTR for this Anglo-US academic commentary that links post-1945 strategic decision-making, intelligence and more to the position we are in today. They end with:
During the early years of the Cold War the British lost valuable time and opportunities collecting intelligence against the Soviet Union due to a combination of misunderstanding the threat combined with tepid support for aggressive clandestine intelligence operations. American political leaders would do well to recall the unfortunate British experience of the late 1940s and the years of intelligence production lost in the time that it took to properly recognize the Soviet threat.

As one author has written 'The Official History of the Joint Intelligence Committee Volume 1: From the Approach of WW2 to the Suez Crisis 1956' there is a strong UK perspective and he struggled to get permission to include the presence of the CIA at meetings.

Via WoTR there is a 20% discount! So I have ordered a copy.