A hundred years ago today the USA entered the First World War and unlike the UK it is hardly been noticed. Two articles, one by an American academic @ US Army War College and The Guardian's US correspondent.

Professor Neiberg via Defence-in-Depth blog near the end writes:
I fear that this anniversary will come and go in the United States without opening a space for us to debate issues of substance. We might have used the centenary to talk about America’s role in the war and how it changed in 1917; why the nation fights wars and how it seeks to end them; or how Americans have used their power to pursue both national interests and international ambitions.

The second article takes a broader view and opens with:
t redefined women’s rights, race relations, civil liberties and America’s role in the world. It caused twice as many American deaths as the Vietnam war. But there is no national memorial to it in Washington DC and, on Thursday, its centenary will pass with little fanfare.