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    Default Israeli intelligence e-journal

    Published this month via the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (IMIT), a new online journal and the first issue is on 'Jointness'.

    IMIT's explanation: outcome of the idea that the Israeli Intelligence Community Commemoration and Heritage Center, as a joint body for the entire intelligence community, should and can contribute to developing a methodological conversation on intelligence practice. The name of the journal reflects the notion that in the course of intelligence practice a methodology emerges, and hence it is the practitioners who have the greatest interest and ability to develop the intelligence theory that, when applied, will foster the continuing development of knowledge about intelligence methodology.
    The main target audience of this journal is the Israeli intelligence community, to which most of the authors belong, with an emphasis on the active community, as well as supporters of intelligence in Israel and abroad.
    The first issue is devoted to the topic of “Jointness in Intelligence.” As an umbrella institution for all the organizations that form the Israeli intelligence community, it is natural for ITIC to give this issue priority. That, however, is not the only reason to do so. The changes in the nature of the intelligence challenges, and in the attributes of the environment in which Western intelligence operates, make it all the more essential and urgent to study this topic.

    The actual PDF is 150 pgs and is too long to summarise now, let alone read on a sunny British Spring Sunday.

    There is an existing thread:Israel & intelligence (merged thread)

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    Default Issue No.2 is out

    Issue No.2 'Intelligence in a Time of Rapid Change' and the summary says:
    The thread connecting the articles in this issue is the need for intelligence personnel to adapt their methods to the increasing pace and intensity of the changes both in the strategic environment and in the operative and technological environment.
    The inherent tension between the need for change and the adherence to familiar Practices has provided grist for a wide range of research and writing, and not only in the intelligence context. In this issue we seek to focus the discussion on the intelligence aspects of the subject: changes in the adversary and in the environment, and how these add up to a basic change in the intelligence community in general, in intelligence organizations that monitor the environment in particular, in the patterns of relations between the different intelligence organizations, and in the new and evolving intelligence professions.

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