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Thread: Russian Info, Cyber and Disinformation (July 2017 to end '17)

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    Default Russian Info, Cyber and Disinformation (July 2017 to end '17)

    Moderator's Note

    A new thread for these topics. The earlier thread, which covered January-June 2017, had 1048 posts, with 63k views:Russian Info, Cyber and Disinformation (Jan-June 2017)

    Update July 9th 2017: This thread clearly overlaps with others, especially the allegations that Russia has interfered / intervened in the US election process and a large number (124 plus) of posts were added here instead of being posted in the Trump thread - as that thread was closed for a review. Those posts will now be moved to the Trump thread, which will remain closed(ends).

    The last time Holder tweeted something like this was the day Comey was fired.

    Many in D.C. are speculating that something big is on its way.
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