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Thread: Falklands, reflections by members of 3 Para.

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    Default Falklands, reflections by members of 3 Para.

    Some great talks by veterans of 3 Para on Mt Longdon. The first link starts off with the CO (Pike) and he finishes the last link. If nothing else, watch the second half of the last link for his ‘lessons learnt’.
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    Default Good catch


    An interesting tactical reminder of the 1982 Falklands War. The three videos are internal presentations in 1986, so the creator has done well to place them in the public domain.

    3 Para in this action lost twenty-six dead; on another video displayed one NCO commented that would be unacceptable today.

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    Great stuff, thanks. I highly recommend CIMSEC's long (10 parter?) series of podcasts on the Falklands, interviews with many Royal Marine officers, "Sharky" Ward, and others. Available free on iTunes, and on their website:

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    I listened to it quite a while ago. Well worth and with good insights. Hardly anything new under the sun, some very specific lessons due to the situation there and then but quite a lot of timeless conclusions.

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