I'd be interested in feedback on an article I've had published in The Cove: The Australian Profession of Arms.


It is part of a larger Innovation Ecosystem project I'm working on with my Australian Army teammates/counterparts to pitch at the upcoming DEF Aus event in December.

I'll include a link to that related project once it publishes within the next week. It's in final edit now.

After observation, study, and work in both the military and civilian innovation environments I believe we critically need an innovation implementation culture and ecosystem that integrates with Operational Art and informs strategy through continuous high velocity innovation implementation.

If war is the continuation of politics according to Clausewitz, then isn't decisive military advantage the continuation of innovation?

I'm a big fan of Steve Blank's, Pete Newell's, and Joe Felter's Hacking 4 Defence(H4D) work. Same for Chris Fussell's and Stan McChrystal's work as I've liberally used and merged their frameworks and content.

Apologies in advance if it's rough, I'm just a Reserve NCO and haven't had the opportunity to attend war/staff college coursing.