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Thread: Why is there a war in Afghanistan? Explained in four minutes on YouTube

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    Default Why is there a war in Afghanistan? Explained in four minutes on YouTube

    A short YouTube clip 'How Important Is Ideology in Conflict?' (2.34mins) by Mike Martin, ex-British Army, who has a classic book on the campaign in Helmand and he explains what is a forty year civil war between Afghans.

    In summary ideology is not important, survival is.

    A second clip is 'Why Is Afghanistan So Unstable?' (1.58 mins).

    In summary: Its borders are drawn by others and it is a divided nation. None of the groups have ever been reconciled to one system / state. This results in competition which others get involved in.

    His book is 'An Intimate War: An Oral History of the Helmand Conflict', now revised and in paperback.
    Link to publisher:

    Link to my posts on the author:
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