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Thread: Talking Terror: Podcasts on iTunes & Soundcloud

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    Default Talking Terror: Podcasts on iTunes & Soundcloud

    Not exactly a blog, rather a collection of podcast interviews on terrorism and counter-terrorism, offered by the University of East London, the home since 2015 of the Terrorism and Extremism Research Centre (TERC).

    The website explains:
    The aim of this podcast is to provide listeners with the opportunity to hear from some of the best, and most influential, terrorism and counterterrorism researchers from around the world. Each episode will be dedicated to one individual researcher, in conversation with the TERC Director John Morrison. These conversations allow the listener to get an in-depth insight into the some of the best research on terrorism, from the researchers themselves. Within the episodes the guests discuss their own research, as well as the research by others who have influenced them. Links to those projects discussed in each episode can be found within the biographies of our guests. It is our aim that this podcast series will be worthwhile and interesting for a wide ranging audience. From students to professors, practitioners to those with a passing interest in understanding terrorism and counter-terrorism, we believe that there will be something for everyone within each episode. The list of guests below is preliminary, so be sure to check back regularly to see who else we have lined up.
    They are available on iTunes and Soundcloud - currently thirty-four and on a quick scan mainly academics, a good number have pooped up here before e.g. Daniel Byman and Cerywn Moore.
    Link to the podcasts:

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    nice podcast i have started listening

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