Gazpromís Private Army

Gazprom, the Russian gas monopoly, will likely be granted permission by the Russian Federation to create a private army to protect its business interests. Estonia says it is determined to observe carefully how the Russian-German gas pipeline develops vis-ŗ-vis the Baltic Sea region. The Estonian Ministry of Defense said that no combatant of any private army will be allowed into Estonian territory.
As they puzzle over trying to stay out of Estonian territorial waters (adding several miles to an "accident waiting to happen") and the fate of all possible and/or even reasonable negotiations rests on a bronze statue from the 1940's, Russia once again threatens the use of a paramilitary to protect their skewed interests in the Baltics.

Hmmm, wait til those Russian gas line folks dive and see their remnants of war on the bottom . Looks like EOD divers will be busy soon

Gas pipeline officials dangle carrot for Balts
Apr 18, 2007
By Talis Saule Archdeacon

RIGA - Officials of NordStream, the $4 billion German-Russian gas pipeline project, have made clear the possibilities of building spurs to both Estonia and Latvia if the economic rationale and political will match up.
With the bronze dude already on the choppin' blocks, I guess the political portion of this carrot is gone