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Thread: Setting up effective, local security forces

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    Default Lessons from Mentoring in Papua New Guinea: "Eating humble pie"

    Another set of lessons and memories from an Australian team on a visit to a Papua New Guinea infantry battalion, which is not only long established they are allies and friends - so no "over watch" needed.

    There is a short blog from the team IC, which ends with:
    I would follow the same principles – being a good human – and make sure I take the best possible team, but being adaptive and flexible is part of the journey. It’s the personal relationships that allowed us to be responsive. It was being humble and respectful that ensured my Team earned equal respect and allowed us to support our regional partner, to crouch down side by side, and help achieve their missions and their goals, and share their successes.

    Plus a longer report (sixteen pgs):
    with more detail about the exercise, and views from a number of members of the Mentoring Training Team. Importantly, the report includes tips and advice from some of the more junior members of the team.
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