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Thread: US Civil War Manuever

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    Default US Civil War Manuever

    Is anyone aware of any good book that looks at the Civil War or any of its campaigns more from the standpoint of operational maneuver rather than battle?

    While battle is all very interesting and important, I suspect that a better understanding of the movement and intent of such movement before and after the battles would be at least as interesting and probably more enlightening about the conduct of the war.

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    You might take a look at John J. Schneider's Vulcan's Anvil: the American Civil War and the Foundations of Operational Art. The author basically credits MG Joe Hooker with initiating the first operational maneuver in the Civil War at Chancellorsville, and LTG Robert E. Lee and MG Thomas Jackson with the second with their flanking counter-attack.

    I am not aware of any other publications that deal specifically with operational maneuver. It's likely something you will have to tease out of other narratives.

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