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Thread: WSJ: Why the Marines ditched the best Offense in history

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    Default WSJ: Why the Marines ditched the best Offense in history

    USMC Commandant Robert Neller on reshuffling the deck.

    The most brilliant tactical formation devised by any team in the last half-century isn’t football’s Packer sweep, basketball’s triangle offense or anything else relating to sports.
    It’s the rifle squads of the United States Marine Corps.
    No matter what hard-bitten corner of the world they’ve deployed to, the Marines have organized themselves into divisions, regiments, battalions, companies and platoons. The tip of this tail—the last infantry formation of substance—is a squad of 13 Marines composed of a leader and a dozen riflemen grouped into three “fire teams” of four.
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    An interesting catch, although it is from this "armchair" more of an insight into the USMC Commandant, than platoon level organization and combat.


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