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Thread: Should we treat (violent) crime as something to be cured rather than punished?

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    Default Should we treat (violent) crime as something to be cured rather than punished?

    The public health approach to violent crime, whether in Glasgow (Scotland) or Baltimore, Chicago and New York, often prompts admiration and replication. This article is a 'Long Read':

    A couple of "tasters":
    More often than not, solutions have been sought in the criminal justice system Ė through tougher sentencing, or increasing stop-and-search (despite substantial evidence that it is ineffective in reducing crime)....(later) ... police are often part of the problem.
    A rather different comment from John Carnochan, the former godfather of Scotlandís Violence Reduction Unit, has some uncomfortable messages for politicians and crime fighters hoping to emulate his success.

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    Ever sit across a table from the loved ones of a murder victim and watch them get the 1,000 yard stare as they stir sugar into their coffee long after it's been absorbed?
    A scrimmage in a Border Station
    A canter down some dark defile
    Two thousand pounds of education
    Drops to a ten-rupee jezail

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