Narrative from a Finnish source -
big LEO op in Finland going on police and frontier guard SF 100+, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) (our FBI), customs plus lot of others hitting russian owned company properties in SW archipelago with boats and helicopters. The NBI has enlisted the help of the Finnish Border Guard and the Southwest Finland Police Department in the massive search operation, which has included over 100 officers.
our Feds (aka FBI etc.), KRP in finnish, has been in charge...and they basically did 'bring in everyone'.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), the arm of the Finnish police charged with investigating organised crime, reported on Saturday that it had detained two people in association with an extensive search of many business premises in Southwest Finland.

The search is linked to a criminal investigation of a foreign-owned company with many locations in the area. The firm is suspected of running a money laundering operation dealing in millions of euros, and utilizing illegal labour. NBI reports that it has been carrying out a preliminary investigation into the case for months with the assistance of the Tax Administration.