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Thread: The Russian Mafia: Unmasking a Global Menace

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    Default The Russian Mafia: Unmasking a Global Menace

    Thanks to a "lurker" to this video of a talk in Las Vegas by Mark Galeotti, on his special subject. Intrigued that the city has the 'Mob Museum', formerly the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. See:

    Mark's blogsite has his slim bio:

    Link to the video (50 mins):

    Curiously he relies on a conversation with a Chechen "hitman" who was in the USA for several years plus a jail term, before his extradition to Russia, where the case "fell apart" so he was back home in the post-Gorbachev Russia.

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    Gotta keep an eye out for those Russian mobsters.
    A scrimmage in a Border Station
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