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    Default Forum Participation

    Something I've noticed for awhile is the dropoff of postings from other than a handful of usual suspects.

    I know you folks in the Peanut Gallery are out there, I can hear you breathing.

    I also know you're out there surfing for tidbits to add to your powerpoint slides, but you can also feel free to jump in here.

    Pretty please. With a cherry on top.

    A scrimmage in a Border Station
    A canter down some dark defile
    Two thousand pounds of education
    Drops to a ten-rupee jezail

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    Default The Forum has changed

    Adam G is right this Forum has changed, now several years ago IMHO and sometimes threads can get hundreds, if not thousands of views without any posts. The once vibrant exchanges have withered away. Are we now more of a bulletin board?

    This thread covers many points:


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