The logic of this article was difficult to follow, it starts with multi-domain operations with the objective of hammering the adversary in multiple domains simultaneously, then switches to competition in the gray zone. Not sure if the intent is to use MDO in competition, or if the article's title is a bit off and the focus is on the new future's command.

“All the services understand the need to move to Multi-Domain Operations,” Wesley said. “Second, we all agree that MDC2 [Multi-Domain Command & Control] is the most important joint problem that we have to solve. After that, the specifics of how you conduct MDO – that’s where the variance is that we’ve got to converge on.”
Wesley was particularly enthusiastic about progress figuring out how to handle what happens before – or hopefully, instead of – open war. That’s the constant back-and-forth of hacking, disinformation, economic pressure, covert operations, and overt military maneuvers that Russia employs against Ukraine and China in the South China Sea.