Caught this via Twitter and have watched parts of the interview at The Oxford Union, by Medhi Hassan, a UK journalist and it is intense. The programme is part of 'Head to Head' a series of interviews from Al-Jazeera; which may put off some, don't watch and judge yourself.

They explain the programme as:
Head to Head is Al Jazeera's forum for ideas, a gladiatorial contest tackling big issues such as faith, nationalism, democracy and foreign intervention, in front of an opinionated audience at the Oxford Union.
Adding more:
In front of the Oxford Union audience, we challenge Prince on the record of his private contractors in the Iraq w ar and ask him to explain how his controversial plan for the conflict in Afghanistan would bring it to an end. We’ll also ask Prince, who previously served as an informal advisor to President Trump and has been interviewed by both the US House Intelligence Committee and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, about his ties to the current administration.

There is an existing thread on Blackwater into which this thread will go one day, meantime some publicity: