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Thread: 'Blood on their hands': USG was warned 10 yrs ago white supremacy was a threat

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    Default 'Blood on their hands': USG was warned 10 yrs ago white supremacy was a threat

    An appropriate thread that opens with:
    Ten years ago, the Department of Homeland Security sent American law enforcement agencies an intelligence briefing warning of a rising threat of domestic rightwing extremism, including white supremacist terrorism
    The author of the report has a Q&A contribution and here is part of one answer:
    ..the political fiasco surrounding the report created a chilling effect in the law enforcement and intelligence community. It indicated that this topic is radioactive and you better stay away from it.If you pursue it, there’s going to be hell to pay: that was the message. People did lose their jobs. Good analysts were harassed and retaliated against.
    There is a closed 2009 thread on the original DHS report:

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    Default Non sensical

    Sadly we have always had right wing extremists in our midsts to include white supremists. What is changing now is how social media is driving identity politics in Western societies (yes, to include Europe). I will never defend mindless violence, but we should at least put as much effort into understanding why it is happening as we put into trying to understand what drove radical Islamists. Otherwise we'll continue to mindlessly fan the flames of hatred that zealots will exploit on SM. Building resilency in our own societies to reduce our populace's vulnerability to all the illicit noise on SM would be a good first step.
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