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Thread: The Yugoslav Wars 1991-2001 : complex and difficult

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    Default The Yugoslav Wars 1991-2001 : complex and difficult

    There are a few threads on these wars, although the words Bosnia and Yugoslavia appear in over a hundred threads.

    Discovered the British Army Review (BAR) is now published on-line via an obscure UK military website and the April 2020 edition is devoted to looking back. Their explanation starts with:
    As with most of the BAR Special Reports the material within this report is from the BAR archives and the special report chronicles the brutal conflicts that took place in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo after the break up of the former republic of Yugoslavia. While this report does not go into detail on all the Yugoslav wars it does provide some detail, and hopefully some clarification, on elements of the conflict, but not all. By studying this BAR Special Report we hope that the complexities of the recent Balkan wars are now a little clearer.

    The contents list indicate this is UK Army heavy; an odd feature given how many nations were involved.

    The few threads are:
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