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Thread: Of "Intellectual and Moral" Failures

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    Default Of "Intellectual and Moral" Failures

    This was written and sent out by BG (Ret) Huba wass de Czege on the PlansList Forum. I think its a great piece and worthy of continued discussion:

    Ed. by SWC Admin -- concur Sully! BG Huba is now aboard w/ SWJ Blog, the piece which has gotten other distribution as you noted is posted here. I've trimmed the quote you provided.

    With some interest I have been tracking these exchanges over what Paul Yingling, Jack Cushman and Doug McGregor have had to say about our military operations since 9/11. It takes a great deal of courage to say things that are sure to be unpopular whether you are beyond the reach of those who might be offended or not, and therefore we ought to listen for that reason alone. And Paul Yingling is most at risk, therefore his message interests me the most.

    There is another reason to listen. I know Jack Cushman and Doug McGregor personally, and they are in the top few percentile points of their respective generations in intellect and passion for the profession of arms. I suspect Paul Yingling is too. Intellect and passion for our business should be cultivated.

    There is a third reason to listen closely, and that is to encourage others to share their views. I think these discussions are healthy, actually they are a sign of hope for the institution. It was exactly these kinds of discussions that led to the Post Vietnam Army Reforms of the 1980's. And during the mid to late 70's general officers had to face tough questions from Leavenworth and War College students. Most bore our criticisms with good grace. I suspect those of the present day will do so as well.
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