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Thread: Should you merge Advisors with PRT's?

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    Default @Inteltrooper

    Yeah. I was specifically trying to vector in on Merciless9's comments about potential merger.

    As I recall, the police teams are referred to as PMTs in Afgh, now that I think about it. Thanks for the memory jog.

    Two parts of your response concern me. 1. That the PMTs are over extended and 2. that the PRTs not coordinating activities.

    Makes you want to go Hmmm.

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    Default Bad Idea Jeans

    I just returned from my role as Provincial Lead Mentor for a Southern Afghanistan Province. I had 4 PMTs spread through the key districts, plus several other unmentored districts.
    The PRT needs to be completely separate (though coordinate with) the mentor teams. The PRT focuses on being the carrot for the governor. The ETTs are there to watch the ANA in their FOBs. The PMTs are there to be patrolling with the Police and ensuring they aren't robbing the people. The PRTs are usually commanded by a non-Army/Marine guy who thinks he knows ground manuever but doesn't. Nice guys, but the minute they start making tactical decisions its over. They don't need to talk to the mentors to know where to focus. they need to talk with the provincial governor. The PRTs are a decent concept, but their biggest hampering is that the leadership is military and not civilian. We had an intel guy and a pilot commanding the PRT while I was there. Hell of a way to fight a war. that civilian surge briefed well. Lets see some guys step up. Hell, send some USACE with Uniformed Health Services over.

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    Sylvan I agree. PRTs are to aid the civilian reconstruction to better improving their performance a civilian head assissted by the local intel person would greatly enhance their effectiveness. the problem of the locals will be better addresed which in turn would help improve local relations


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