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Thread: Urban / City Warfare (merged thread)

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    Default The City Is Neutral: On Urban Warfare in the 21st Century

    Rediscovered this October 2019 article a few days ago. The authors are Professor David Betz, Kings War Studies and Hugo Stanford-Tuck, a British Army (Gurkha) officer. It has numerous examples cited and footnotes. In places it challenges traditional thinking, certainly a good read.

    One example cited I can expand upon, thanks to a WW2 history site and The Battle of Medicina, which is Endnote 60 and Betz and Stanford-Tuck write:
    Finally, also in April 1945, a battalion of the 6th Gurkha Rifles, supported by tanks of the King’s Hussars, defeated a large, well-equipped, well-led, and highly experienced force from the German 9th Parachute Division that was holding the small northern Italian town of Medicina. The German unit also had tank and artillery support. In a short, decisive battle lasting a few hours, much of it hand-to-hand, in which tanks blasted holes through the walls of structures through which the Gurkhas advanced, 100 Germans were killed, while the British lost only seven men.
    Extra links: http:// and

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    Default Urban drivers of political violence - from IISS

    A new report:
    How does political violence originate, and how is it amplified in cities affected by conflict? This IISS report, based on field research, identifies urban drivers of political violence in four cities located in fragile states – Mogadishu, Nairobi, Kabul and Karachi.
    The link is to the Executive Summary and has a link to the full (unread) report:
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