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    Default The City Is Neutral: On Urban Warfare in the 21st Century

    Rediscovered this October 2019 article a few days ago. The authors are Professor David Betz, Kings War Studies and Hugo Stanford-Tuck, a British Army (Gurkha) officer. It has numerous examples cited and footnotes. In places it challenges traditional thinking, certainly a good read.

    One example cited I can expand upon, thanks to a WW2 history site and The Battle of Medicina, which is Endnote 60 and Betz and Stanford-Tuck write:
    Finally, also in April 1945, a battalion of the 6th Gurkha Rifles, supported by tanks of the King’s Hussars, defeated a large, well-equipped, well-led, and highly experienced force from the German 9th Parachute Division that was holding the small northern Italian town of Medicina. The German unit also had tank and artillery support. In a short, decisive battle lasting a few hours, much of it hand-to-hand, in which tanks blasted holes through the walls of structures through which the Gurkhas advanced, 100 Germans were killed, while the British lost only seven men.
    Extra links: http:// and

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