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Thread: Baghdad's Green Zone Is a Haven Under Siege

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    Default Baghdad's Green Zone Is a Haven Under Siege

    7 June Washington Post - Baghdad's Green Zone Is a Haven Under Siege by John Ward Anderson.

    ... Mortar and rocket attacks on the Green Zone are nothing new, but people who live and work in the complex -- a walled compound of about five square miles on the banks of the Tigris River that is headquarters to the Iraqi government and U.S. forces -- say that the strikes are becoming more frequent, accurate and deadly.

    Despite the rising casualty toll from the attacks -- eight people have been killed, including two U.S. soldiers, and about 25 have been injured since late March -- the bigger problem is the psychological impact of insurgents striking the symbolic heart of the United States here, Iraqis and Americans say. That view is strengthened by the sense -- correct or not -- that the Green Zone was a relatively secure oasis where the war didn't seep in...

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    Now there's a flash of the obvious! I was at the Green Zone in Mid-March when the attacks started to pick up again. I'm amazed that it took two months before someone decided to cancel the "pool parties". They were having "Baghdad Idol" once a week outside by the pool and it just blew your mind.

    240mm rockets? Now that's just scary no matter where the heck you are!
    "But the bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet withstanding, go out to meet it."



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