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Thread: SWJ Reference Library Update

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    Default SWJ Reference Library Update

    Lot's added this morning to the SWJ Reference Library at Will use this forum to keep everyone informed on the latest news on the new SWC Community of Interest to include the SWJ, Marine Corps Gazette, Small Wars Center of Excellence, Marine Corps Lessons Learned System, and the Warfighter Review... Also soliciting participation of potential COE partners from our sister services, joint, coalition / multinational and the interagency communities. Private organizations that address Small Wars issues are also most certainly invited to participate...
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    Couple of sites that I found lying in my favourites folders and might interest people here

    photos, many photos repeat on several sites

    General conflict photos

    Kevin Sites, photographer

    (you can download 2 books here)

    South Asia terrorism portal

    An Israeli site, mostly dealing with anti-Israeli groups, focusing on Palestinian groups

    Site about psyops

    Chronology of Lebanese civil war and aftermath


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