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    Default Rohingya insurgents say they have no option but to fight Myanmar

    YANGON (Reuters) - Rohingya Muslim insurgents said on Sunday they have no option but to fight what they called Myanmar state-sponsored terrorism to defend the Rohingya community, and they demanded that the Rohingya be consulted on all decisions affecting their future.

    From January 5th -
    Rohingya Muslim insurgents ambushed a military vehicle in Myanmar's Rakhine State, wounding five members of the security forces, State media and officials said, and the rebels claimed responsibility for the rare attack.
    The military said “extremist Bengali terrorists ARSA" carried out the Friday attack on a truck taking someone to hospital.
    “A vehicle ... was attacked by 20 insurgents from the mountain using homemade mines and small arms,” the government said.
    The military said there were about 10 attackers involved.

    The fighting continues from last August. See also SJW Blog
    Why Myanmar’s Government Won’t Negotiate With Rohingya Insurgents
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