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Thread: Chauncey Bailey Killed by Muslim Group

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    Default Chauncey Bailey Killed by Muslim Group

    Okay, we are starting to get a better picture of those behind the assassination of Chauncey Bailey. It is a Muslim Group using a chain of "Black Muslim Bakeries" as a front for illegal activity. Should this be prosecuted as a "Hate Crime" or could these morons find themselves in Gauntanomo and so forth?

    Your Black Muslim Bakery was founded in 1968 by the late Yusuf Bey as a haven for struggling urban families. It sells natural baked goods alongside books by Malcolm X and other black leaders.

    Bailey was a longtime reporter for the Oakland Tribune before becoming editor of the Post, a weekly newspaper geared toward the Bay Area black community, earlier this year.

    He had written stories for the Tribune about the bakery and its founder when Bey was facing rape charges in Alameda County. Most of those charges were dropped, although one was pending when Bey died in 2003.

    Yusuf Bey IV, who was in custody Friday, took over the original bakery and several franchises. In 2005, he was accused of being the ringleader in a group of black Muslims who smashed liquor bottles in corner stores and berated the Muslim owners for selling alcohol to the black community.

    Your Black Muslim bakery has had financial problems for several years and filed for bankruptcy in October 2006.
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    Given the group's history of assassinations (as I recall Bey's chosen successor was bumped off and that case is still open), I'd throw the book at them for domestic terrorism and toss in hate crime stuff for good measure. After all, that strategy seems to have worked against the white supremacist groups, and this bunch is really no different. Heck, even Dees and his bunch has finally started listing the more deranged Black Muslim groups (including the Nation of Islam if I remember correctly) as hate groups and terrorist groups.
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