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Thread: NGO-UN-Red Cross Humanitarian Principles of Partnership

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    Default NGO-UN-Red Cross Humanitarian Principles of Partnership

    Posted with InterAction blessing. May be of interest for some of you:

    Dear Colleagues:

    InterAction and key humanitarian leaders from our community recently
    attended the Global Humanitarian Platform (GHP). It was a historic
    meeting that endorsed "Principles of Partnership" between the NGO
    humanitarian community, United Nations agencies engaged in humanitarian
    efforts, and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. These Principles
    of Partnership will now shape our community's overall relationship with
    the UN during all future humanitarian interventions. Thanks to all the
    InterAction members that shaped the principles and helped make this
    agreement a reality.

    If your organization is engaged in humanitarian work or works in
    disaster prone areas please share these Principles of Partnership with
    your field staff. We hope that you will see the endorsement of the
    Principles of Partnership as an important step forward in improving the
    way we work in the humanitarian community so that we can all provide
    more effective responses. Details of the Global Humanitarian Platform
    meeting and final Principles of Partnership are attached.

    The Global Humanitarian Platform is a forum that brings together the
    three main families of the humanitarian community - NGOs, the Red Cross
    and Red Crescent Movement, and the UN and related international
    organizations. Its overall goal is to enhance the effectiveness of
    humanitarian action. It is premised on the belief that no single
    humanitarian agency can cover all humanitarian needs and that
    collaboration is, therefore, not an option, but a necessity. Based on
    the principle of diversity, the GHP does not seek to convince
    humanitarian agencies to pursue a single mode of action or work within a
    unique framework. The GHP agreed to roll out Principles of Partnership
    that define the desired relationship of its three main pillars.

    Should you have any questions, need more information about the GHP and
    its principles, or have suggestions about how best to move forward on
    the action plan coming out of the GHP meeting, please do not hesitate to
    contact me or Jim Bishop.



    Samuel A. Worthington
    President & CEO

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