...came across this while looking for something else:

Country Social Analysis
Country Social Analysis (CSA) is a macro-level analytical approach, developed to improve the World Bank’s understanding of a country’s political and social context.

The CSA assesses how power, institutions and governance affect relevant socio-economic variables, such as economic opportunities or access to services by different social groups. Additionally, it provides political analysis with a focus on how actors and processes contribute to political stability and their role in facilitating pro-poor reform. On this basis, the CSA identifies social and political risks related to the country context as well as the World Bank’s portfolio, and it provides policy recommendations to manage these risks, to promote social inclusion and to improve governance....
I was hunting up info on Yemen, which happens to be one of the 20 pilot countries that they're looking at using this methodology. The site also turned me on to the report Understanding Socio-economic and Political Factors to Impact Policy Change, which looks at this CSA methodology and compares it to that used by donors such as USAID, DFID, Sida and the German Development Cooperation.

Interesting, but I haven't slogged through enough of it yet to offer any cogent judgment on its worth.