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Thread: Muslim religious leaders speaking out against terrorism

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    Default Muslim religious leaders speaking out against terrorism

    I have a short (675 word max), persuasive essay assignment due in 2 weeks.

    Although I'm not exactly sure yet what the topic will be, I'm tentatively looking at these 2 theses:
    "What the Right has wrong about Iraq" (arguing that the insurgency is not religiously motivated and/or our troops hands are tied)

    "What the Right has wrong about Muslim Extremism" (again arguing against it being religiously motivated and arguing against them saying no Muslim religious leaders are dennouncing Al Qaeda or terrorism)

    I saw this blog entry by Kilcullen which was quite interesting, including the comments.

    Are there links showing where Muslim religious and political leaders have spoken out (using more than just one or two sentences) against terrorism and 9/11, and are there any good (i.e. NOT neocon) reports/studies done by western Middle Eastern experts? Does LTC Nagl have any writings about this? As president (civilian division) of the John Nagl Fan Club, I'd like to use and cite his work.

    If I go with this topic, and can muster the courage, maybe when I'm done I'll post it for peer review. (if anyone would be interested). Just keep in mind that it will be very simple and basic - a master's thesis it ain't.

    I should ask, am I'm going to be able to pull either of these topics off in 675 words (approx 3 dbl-spaced pages) or less?

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    I cannot vouch for any of the info, but I have this bookmarked from previously looking into your topic:


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