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Thread: The "Wolf Closest to the Sled"

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    Default The "Wolf Closest to the Sled"

    GEN Petraeus has referred to al Qaeda in Iraq as the "wolf closest to the sled."

    Now, from a strategic communications standpoint, I like the use of homesy metaphors, but have some issues with that. Simply put, it sounds too darned Russian.

    So I propose that we use our collective brain (and I'm assuming that there's only one that we rotate around among us) to come up with a better homesy metaphor for AQI

    I'm still working on it, but I'm thinking of things like:

    --A porcupine in the outhouse
    --The flea closest to the dog's butt
    --A Tennessean in Tiffany's
    --Satan's socks

    You get the drift. Chip in and do your part for national defense.
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