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Thread: The War is Not Debated in the Trenches

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    Default The War is Not Debated in the Trenches

    10 Jan. Miami Herald Op-Ed - The War is Not Debated in the Trenches by Joe Galloway.

    ... Lt. Col. Robert Haycock of Delavan, Ill., commands the 2nd Battalion and this day has flown in to visit with his company commander at Gator Swamp and the men at The Alamo. ``I'm lucky to command these soldiers. America is lucky to have such sons and daughters. After a year this place will look better for sure. We are already seeing children coming out to play and people coming out to talk.''

    In places like these tiny outposts, they don't debate the war. They only fight it and shed their blood in the name of their country.

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    Default Joe Galloway

    Isn't he the guy who wrote about the battle of Dak To?

    Anyway, this story is good writing and good war coverage, something that is unfortunately rare in this war.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merv Benson
    Isn't he the guy who wrote about the battle of Dak To?
    He wrote We Were Soldiers Once . . . and Young about the Ia Drang

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    Default Joe is a great guy

    Joe Galloway in my opinion is the Ernie Pyle of Viet Nam and since then. I have exchanged emails and talked to him; what strikes me about Joe is that he always remembers the "Joe" on the ground. By the way, he is one of the few journalists who have a Bronze Star for his actions in the Ia Drang.



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