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My experience is based on C9(5.56 Minimi SAW) with the AR magazine well withdrawn from service(now 7.62 Minimi) and the MAG58/GPMG.

Talking to folks who were around when a modified Steyr AUG was considered as a complement to the Steyr rifle, one expression used to describe it's deficiencies(which includes the Bren) is the "built in stoppage".

Which seems to be an issue here....but if the Marines are happy working around the "built in stoppage" with their M27 IAR, then maybe it's not as big an issue as many seem to think.

Since we are growing closer again with the US(particularly the USMC), maybe this will be re-evaluated in the future.

I'm a fan of the new 7.62 Minimi. It's a great tool. It has the firepower of the MAG58/GPMG at reduced weight...while brand new it's quite a good system, I can't help but wonder about longevity much like the C9(5.56 Minimi SAW) near it's end of life the accuracy/grouping capacity was becoming shockingly bad.

We've only recently introduced the 7.62 Minimi and not long before that the LMT DM rifle. An announcement was just made that we will be replacing the Steyr rifle in the next 2 years.

I wonder if there is a possibility of not just seeing an AR platform purchased here for individual issue, but also evaluating the USMC's recent M27 IAR choice and role in the section/platoon.

Time will tell.
The M27 does not have a section or platoon role. It fits team and squad roles only.

We really mis-employed the Minimi as a team-level weapon, expecting it to do many things yet never properly resourcing or training the gunners who lugged it around.

During its testing, even a previous Commandant, Gen Conway, couldn't get his head wrapped around the fact that the IAR should not be expected to maintain the rates of fire obtainable with the Minimi--a LMG.

As odd as it may be, it took Gen Amos, of aviator pedigree, to look at things differently and sign off on its full procurement.

Although it may take a generation of platoon commanders to pass, I foresee an resurgence of the Emma Gees as crew-served MGs are folded back into the proper support role we strayed away from (by necessity of course) in late OIF and almost all of OEF.