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Thread: How Technology Almost Lost the War: In Iraq, the Critical Networks Are Social Not E

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norfolk View Post
    NCW is just a tool, not a strategy.
    Bingo. Exactly correct.

    Net-Centric Warfare, from my perspective, is the domain of C4ISR and that makes it pre-eminently a technological tool which did not exist on any battlefield in the world prior to OEF/OIF.

    Proof of concept was done in the various AWEs (Advanced Warfighting Experiments) and culminated in the desert of California at NTC Ft. Irwin in the "Millenium Challenge 2002" exercise which near-perfected the Army ABCS in virtual Middle Eastern battlefield conditions.

    The real-world application of NCW against Saddam's army between March 20 and April 9 2003 was all the proof required that this tool worked beyond all expectations.
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