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I think your right carl,
One has to ask why are we afraid to face this? It is a religious war, the goal is to hurt America anyway possible. I am sure there are other motives to go along with this but it seems to be the primary mover. Political Correctness is going to destroy this country, it prevents the discussion of reality. What a propaganda win for the PC crowd, they have completely destroyed our ability to think as a Nation in order to defend ourselves and never fired a shot. Anything that violates the love boat foreign policy is not even considered no matter obvious it has become.
Actually Carl and Bob are both right. There must be a new political arrangement in the Middle East for any hope of a sustainable peace that will lessen, not erase, the appeal of radicalism. We also need to take the radicals' threat to the wider region and the U.S. very seriously. Foreign fighters are not flocking to Syria for secular reasons, but to support a religious war. Some will continue that fight when they return home. We can do little to influence the political outcome, but we can implement a wide range of security measures, to include military action to reduce the threat. This war is far from over, but we can be smarter about how we conduct ourselves so we don't make the situation worse like we did with our invasion of Iraq. We also can make it worse by not taking action as we failed to do against AQ prior to 9/11.

No easy answers, which is why I think this discussion is valuable.