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    Default Marine Corps Gazette

    The Marine Corps Gazette has started a new blog. I'm a member of the writing team. It is relatively new, and they have posts on everything from leadership, to a critique of Bill Lind's Generations of Warfare model.

    On the whole, though, it is as the name suggests; about things Marine Corps.
    Joseph Mazzara @ the Marine Corps Gazette Blog

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    Default us coast guard

    as a member of the service for 11 years, I can really understand the point to all this ... i appreciate the post

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    Wow, that's news to me, and I've gotten back to reading the Gazette pretty regularly the past couple of years; never noticed the addition.

    I wish the Gazette well in this endeavor. It seemed as though the discussion forum never really got off the ground. As any blog grows larger and longer, I wonder how well the content can be managed. Blogs are great because the reader typically gets a picture, a paragraph or two to lead in, and that makes for interesting browsing.

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