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Thread: Clerics most influential leaders in Iraq; Reconciliation could be near

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    Default Clerics most influential leaders in Iraq; Reconciliation could be near

    This article from the Wall Street Journal confirms that Iraqi clerics are the most influential leaders in the country and that the conditions for reconciliation are riper now than ever before. May the God of Abraham hear our prayer for peace.

    “These are three of the most important political figures in Iraq today. Their edicts and counsel go out to millions of Iraqis every Friday at the mosques, and to members of the national government and parliament throughout the week. In short, if there is to be reconciliation in Iraq it must be led by these men. In the foregoing statements they are acknowledging that it is their responsibility to lead this process. The Maliki government has not done it, and in any event cannot do it alone. Neither can the paralyzed parliament. But clearly the most authoritative word in Iraq comes from its most respected institution, religion.”
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