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    Default USMC Civil Affairs Newsletter

    USMC Civil Affairs - The Prince by SWJ Editors

    Here's the 1st edition of The Prince: A Newsletter for Civil Affairs Marines.

    The purpose of this newsletter is to increase awareness of people, issues, and events affecting the Marine Civil Affairs community. It is an informal publication, and it does not represent the policies and positions of the Marine Corps or the United States Government...etc, etc, etc.

    The title references the work by Niccolo Machiavelli, as a continual reminder that civil-military operations are essentially political in nature: actions to influence or exploit relations with Civil Actors in order to accomplish the mission--not gratuitous, goodwill gestures to “win hearts and minds.”
    This 1st edition includes A New Goldwater-Nichols Act, Navy Civil Affairs School Open for Business, Keys to a Successful KV Network, 56th Annual Civil Affairs Conference, Tip of the Day and Quote of the Day.

    The 2nd edition of The Prince: A Newsletter for Civil Affairs Marines includes MSgt Craig J Fried: One of a Kind, Marine Corps Forming Consensus on CMO, 2008 Navy CA School Schedule, JFCOM's Deployable Training Team and SOCJFCOM's Joint Training Team Observer Trainer for CMO and Interagency Coordination, Jobs and Tip of the Day.

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    I especially liked the "Keys to a Successful KV Network" article, by Natasha Montgomery.

    For example, Marines have an extraordinary tendency to marry difficult
    women. This is the Big Mouth / Phony Nails type. She thinks the Marine
    Corps needs to be fixed, but she doesn’t understand how anything works.
    To her, the facts are irrelevant--all she cares about is her own opinion and
    how she feels. In the worst cases, she is angry at her husband (and the
    Marine Corps) because she is afraid he might get killed before she gets a
    chance to tell him what she really thinks of him.
    That is good humor. NOT what you typically find in your Army newsletter....


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