The Lewis and Clark Law School, Portland, Oregon, USA held this symposium in April 2007 and have now published a number of articles. This is the link: and this one links to the speakers bios:

The subjects include:

The Role of Federal Criminal Prosecutions in the War on Terrorism

Federal Prosecution of Terrorism-Related Offenses: Conviction and Sentencing Data in Light of the "Soft-Sentence" and "Data-Reliability"

Enemies of the State: Rational Classification in the War on Terrorism

Combatant Status Review Tribunals: An Ordeal Through the Eyes of One "Enemy Combatant"

Enemy Aliens, Enemy Property, and Access to the Courts

Hamdan, Terror, War

Why States Need an International Law for Information Operations

Al-Qaeda and the Law of War

Surveillance and Transparency

Electronic Surveillance of Terrorism: The Intelligence/Law Enforcement Dilemma - A History

Rays of Sunlight in a Shadow “War”: FOIA, The Abuses of Anti-Terrorism, and the Strategy of Transparency

I've only read three, on surveillance, they are interesting for a non-American and probably of more value for an American.