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Thread: Different Spanks for Different Ranks

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    Default Different Spanks for Different Ranks

    After almost 19 years of total service in the Navy and Air Force, as active duty, reserve and guard, I've become pretty accustomed to the kid-glove treatment most senior officers receive for criminal offenses much less mere incompetence (with the possible exception of Navy ship commanders), but I think the case of Col. James H. Johnson III takes it to a whole new level. Carl Prine says what needs to be said IMO:

    James H. Johnson III is a full-bird turd of a man — a convicted felon , a lousy father and a cheat of a husband, but for everyone below O-6 he’s also “Sir.” Definition of irony — he continues to hold UCMJ authority over junior soldiers.

    Also called “Sir,” of course, is each of the five colonels who made a mockery of the military criminal justice system by saving Johnson from accountability for his crimes.
    This pisses me off so much, I don't even know what to write.
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    Default I used to think the Army was incestuous.

    It's not, it's just bone stupid.

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    At the same time that we are kicking young combat infantrymen out for minor infractions like open container.
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    The officers are their own judges, lawyers and prosecutors and often also their own witnesses and policemen.

    Seriously, what do you expect?

    Police forces in many countries have established separate departments to watch over normal policemen, prosecutors and judges are even more separate.
    Even that doesn't suffice all too often.

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