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Thread: Getting past a Binary Perspective

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    Default The beer can wait...

    This is one of those times when I think we are in violent agreement. Managed in this case is not a four letter word. It is also one of those times in which I think EBO "imagery" is useful. The multitude of players, motives, and relationships creates a situation where, if not careful, we can find ourselves in a paralysis by analysis.

    Reality is a big amorphous blob and we just won't know the all residual effects of decisions/actions. We should uncover what we can then act with prudence.

    prudent action =
    behavior consistent with strategy and enduring national principles
    + degree of environmental/cultural acquity
    + focus collection on areas we anticipate possible pushback/friction
    + available capabilities/capacity to mitigate pushback/friction
    (note: this construct is not limited to any particular level or form of war)

    If all this sounds like a droning recording from previous posts, my apologies. Just frustrated. I suppose it served a purpose to equate COIN/COE with graduate level work when we were first propogating 3-24 , but I also think that period has passed. I see nothing new in how I've framed prudent action - rather its just a different set of tools/lenses that are needed to see environment/culture with acquity and determine what capabilities are most prudent.

    That's all I have to say about that...

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    Default Rob,

    Morganthau is a good start. But if I understand your interest correctly, I think you also might want to look into Games Theory. I'd recommend The Strategy of Conflict by Thomas C. Schelling. Of particular interest, and a topic not generally covered well (if they even admit its existence) in poli sci, is the concept of the irrational player. i.e. "One of us has to be reasonable, and it won't be me."

    More to follow.
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