Having been intimately involved in the potential mitigation strategies for the release of this film I have to say now that I've seen it ... what a bloody let down. To tell you the truth the first-year crayon monkeys in any PSYOP Coy could have come up with something far more professional, authoritative and targeted.

Slicing together a shedload of YouTube clips with some dodgy graphics and a bit of open source music does not equal a hard-hitting explanation of the evils of Islam.

It also highlights just how hard it is to pick what the reaction of a few radicals will be (and then in turn what the reaction of the masses to those radicals may be). Admittedly Wilders bowed to a lot of pressure. He ripped pages out of a phone book and not the Koran, his Koranic quotes were areas that have been widely discussed and he didn't actually come out and say Islam was evil; he just talked around the fringes.

I'm not sure if I looking forward to something more dastardly ... the potential impact on my workmates in AFG could have been deadly. Having said that I'm definitely disturbed that the end result did not live up to the hype ... he created a lot of staff work we all could have done without.